Creative Responsive Website Designs for Your Company

reliable responsive website design companyIf you want your business to be successful you’ve got to keep up with an evolving marketplace. Most consumers are taking the buying and researching experience online. Gone are the days when you could slap your phone number on a homepage and call it a day. People expect your business to have a viable website, with plenty of depth and function. Website design is serious business, and if you don’t invest wisely you can easily fall behind.

To help you get started on the right path, we’ve prepared some handy tips for you to review. Check them out and see if you can get the most out of your site.

  1. Use your website as the powerful marketing tool that it is. Marketing, just like everything else, has moved into the 21st century. Old school advertising is no longer as important as it once was. Billboards, magazines, newspapers, and even TV commercials aren’t as powerful as they used to be. You’ve got to establish a digital marketing strategy using your website, digital media, and social media. A superb website design to represent your company will boost your chances of success by a wide margin.
  2. Use your website to improve your business. Many business owners have found success and improved and grown their business by implementing a fantastic website. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check the data, it’s clear that businesses with a strong web presence are more successful than those without. Most people are vetting businesses only before stepping foot inside. You must seize the opportunity a great website presents for improving your business.
  3. Forget about Flash. Flash animations just aren’t as effective as they used to be. Once a popular feature on many websites, these animation do nothing but annoy visitors and slow load times. In addition, they don’t even work properly most of the time, they seem to crash more than work. Show users that you’re serious about website design, make use of modern design applications and avoid dying features. A professional website development agency would never use outdated devices like flash.
  4. Make sure you design a responsive website. It’s difficult to even keep track of the amount of different devices people are using to access the web. They’re evolving rapidly and there seems to be something new out every week. You need to design a website that is adaptable to all of these devices, and anything that comes out further down the road. That’s where responsive design comes in. These websites adjust and display properly on any device, regardless of screen size. Make sure your website is functional and visible on desktop, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and anything else out there!
  5. Keep a close eye on security. You should plan for a safe website from the get go. Strong security measures must be in place to protect your customers and your business. Sensitive data may be stored or transferred online, it’s your job to make sure it’s password protected and encrypted. Furthermore, you should have a backup of your website in a safe place in case the unthinkable happens and it is compromised.
  6. Don’t get too complicated with your web design. Functional responsive websites rely on simplicity in design. Overcrowding on your website can lead to confusion and frustration. Instead keep things simple. Have your logo clearly displayed, along with easy to find contact information. People should also be able to pick up on your company’s message easily upon arriving at your website. Don’t use abrasive color schemes or complicated fonts, it may drive people away before they even look at your content. remember that your website is often your chance for a first impression, and you need to make a good one.
  7. Let your website establish your company as an expert in the industry. You’ve dedicated your life to your business, and you know that you’re an expert. But potential new customers and clients don’t know that. Your website is your opportunity to show them. Make use of a well-written blog that’s relevant and informative. Don’t be afraid to use digital media to create videos that explain products or processes. Showing that you and your company are experts in your industry attracts new customers and entices old ones to return for repeat business.

By designing a fantastic website, you give your company the best chance for success. These tips will set you on the right path for what you want to accomplish. If you’re not sure where to begin, consult with an establish design and development firm and see what they can do for you. Remember it’s an investment in your company’s future.


4 Things A Web Designer Can Help You With

Throughout the years, the most successful businesses have always continued to evolve with the demands of the market.  When the idea first came up that people should be able to order things over the telephone, the most successful businesses began to send around things like catalogs in order to allow them to do so, letting customers order from the comfort of their homes and pay a minimal charge for shipping and handling from a corporate warehouse.  These catalogs were also a great way to allow the people at home to know what they could expect to see in the stores in the new year, what would be coming in soon, and what would be available to them in the near future if they were to drive down to their local Woolworth’s or Penny’s.  Then, when the ability to use a personal shopper became the popular thing in big cities, they acclimated to that as well, and that was all well and good.

Well, now the big thing, the new thing, the newest thing, in fact, when it comes to ways to inform and interact with your customer, is the internet.  The big businesses have all moved to it already, allowing their customers to peruse their stocks and their wares on the internet, and even letting people order things without ever picking up a phone or interacting with a person in a  show room, just typing in a string of characters and paying the necessary amount and being done with the whole thing.

communicative responsive website design agencyHowever, just because the big name companies got in on the action doesn’t mean that everyone did, and, in fact, there are still, to this day, in 2015, companies that don’t have a presence on the internet for whatever reason.  These people need to hire a web designer, who can help them in the following ways.

1.  Grabbing the attention of the client

One of the first things that you need to do, whenever someone logs on to your site, is to grab their attention.  You have literally seconds to do this.  This is why so many news articles use dishonest titles that seem worse or more astonishing than the article reveals them to be; it grabs the attention, and keeps most people from clicking the ‘back’ button in order to escape from the senselessness.

Your design agency will be able to help you do the same thing, although hopefully they’ll be able to do it without having to resort to something as pathetic as lying to the people about what they’re offering.

2.  Gaining trust of the users

When you run a business, you need to have the trust of your customers, as well as their loyalty.  Gaining trust is a lot easier than regaining it once you’ve lost it, so you also need to find ways to reward your customers for spending their money with you, and to reward them for consistently doing so.  Some examples are discounts, the occasional freebie, and even giving them free shipping and handling for purchasing so much of whatever it is you’re selling over a certain period.

3.  Content creation

A page that has no content on it, or whose content never changes, is not going to last very long.  It’s going to die quite soon, in fact, as people will simply stop visiting.  A digital agency needs to not only help you design your website, but to keep it fresh by adding new content and information to it periodically.  if you fail to do this, you’re going to find that you don’t have a lot of repeat business at your website after a certain point.

4.  Upkeep of the website

If someone clicks onto a website and the majority of the links don’t work, they’re going to ignore the website and the business that runs it, as well they ought to do.  Nobody wants to work with a business that can’t even keep its website up and running.  Luckily, any decent web developer will keep up with your website, making sure the links still exist, migrating images and information as need be, and making sure that your website doesn’t end up looking like a hollowed out ghost town or something.  You want people to believe that you take care of your website.

So, if you’re in need of a website, don’t be afraid to hire an expert to help you get one that will meet your needs and the needs of your customers.  Doing so will open a whole new segment of the market to you and make what you do much more profitable, believe me.

What To Ask When Looking for Professional Digital Marketing

Your company website is more than just a contact point or a place to make sales. It’s a valuable tool for digital marketing that can take your company to the next level when used correctly. Designing and developing a website is no easy task. It’s not something that can be completed overnight if you want it to be a success. It will take time, dedication, and unfortunately money. The investment is well-worth it though, and you can’t skimp if you want it done correctly.

Designing your website yourself is one option, but if you need more than a basic Etsy store it may prove quite difficult. You might be better off with a well-known web design agency that is prepared to handle all of your website and digital marketing needs. A quick Google search will probably return a huge variety of companies to choose from, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you choose the best one.

First you’ll want to check out reviews, customer testimonials, and comments online. Ask peers who they’ve used in the past and who they’ve had success with. Ultimately you should be able to get a short list of 3-4 potential candidates you’d like to meet with. You’ll need to be prepared with a few questions that will help you select the firm you’re going to use. But today is your lucky day, I’ve got you covered.

Write down these questions and be ready to ask them at your next meeting!

Questions to Ask Professional Digital Marketers and Web Designers

  1. What can you tell us about responsive design? - You are going to want design and development firms to have no trouble going into detail about responsive design with you. It is simply essential for websites today. Responsive design is simply designing and developing websites to display and work correctly regardless of the device or browser used. Many people use tablets and smartphones exclusively, while others prefer to do the majority of their browsing on a PC. Your website must appeal to both of these crowds. A responsive website is a must, and if the firm you’re interviewing hesitates or doesn’t seem sure of themselves, move on.
  2. How will you handle content? -   A good digital ad agency is going to take responsibility for producing quality content on a regular basis. They may ask for some original content direct from company sources, but they should be largely responsible for production and management. Content should always be part of a full-service package, the last thing you want is a design and development team that leaves your website to stagnate after launch. Fresh content drives traffic and conversions, that’s what you’re seeking.
  3. web designerWhat is your plan for security? - Obviously security is very important in 2015. In the past couple of years there have been several security breaches that had disastrous results. Cyber crime is quite costly and can damage relationships with clients when you put their sensitive information at risk. Your development team should have a plan in place that include data encryption and antivirus protection.
  4. Are you experienced in SEO? - It shouldn’t be a requirement for your design and development team, but offering SEO is certainly a nice feature. Just make sure that companies that offer both do each one equally well. A half-assed effort on SEO does you absolutely no good. Firms should have a team dedicated to search engine optimization. SEO is a must in order for your website to realize its full value.
  5. How will you present my company message? - One of the main goals of your website is to establish and present your company’s brand and message in a clear and concise manner. The best designers will have already considered this by the time they meet with, and will likely be ready with a solid answer.
  6. How do you source pictures? - You want the answer to be, “through a professional photographer or artist.” Stock photos and clip art just won’t cut it. Your website should look polished and professional. Any artwork should be original and source the creator. Photographs should be high-quality, original images as well. These things will set your site above the rest, making a long-lasting impression on visitors.
  7. How do you handle upkeep? - Websites are not “set it and forget it.” They need constant upkeep and maintenance. A good development company will monitor your website on a regular basis and address issues as they develop. If users are encountering dead links and broken buttons on a regular basis, they will abandon your website. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by hiring a company that will spend time maintaining your website.

When you go to your next meeting, have this list of questions handy. It should help you select an expert digital marketing firm that’s up to the task.

How a Product Developer can Help You

A company cannot hang its hat entirely on one product or product line for eternity, it just isn’t possible.  A company certainly can hang their hat on one product for the lifetime of the company, but at that point, they’re simply guaranteeing that the lifetime of the company will be much shorter than they hoped.  Without new products, you can’t grow as a business, and without a new product, you won’t increase your market share, nor will you expand into new markets untapped by your original offerings.  Long story short, you need to develop new products as well as maintaining the ones that have already brought you success, and even discontinuing ones that prove to not be worth the time, money, and effort you’re putting into them.

hire a product development companyHowever, developing a product isn’t just something that can be done entirely in a small business office.  Sure, you know enough about the market that you work in that you can successfully navigate the waters of designing a new product (hopefully), but there’s also the marketing and advertising, the imagery, that needs to be hashed out, and for many small businesses, that’s beyond the realm of their abilities.  You can, of course, hire a dedicated staff to cover such a thing, but that’s also a costly thing to do, and you have no guarantee that the staff you cobble together will have any level of success.  Your other option, then, is to hire outside help, in the form of a product developer.  A product developer is someone (or a group of someones) whose entire job is to work with you to do the marketing and advertising, leaving you to focus on doing what you do best, creating your new product.

This is great for you, because there’s a lot of work that goes into a new product design.  First, you have to come up with the idea, which can take a lot of time (especially when you have to consider the question of feasibility).  Next you have to do all the work of nailing down exactly what the product is going to look like and how it’s going to work.  You’ll also begin, once you’ve nailed down the actual product design, to look for people to do the actual production of the parts that you’ll need to assemble, or you’ll be working hard at repurposing your own manufacturing abilities, or maybe you’ll be having the whole thing made and assembled elsewhere (China seems to be a popular destination for that sort of thing these days, but I’ve heard Bangkok is nice).

On the other hand, if you’re offering a service, you’ll be working hard to make sure that your facilities are outfitted with the various infrastructure updates that you’ll need in order to provide the service in question to the people who choose to buy said service.  This can mean that you need to upgrade your internet, your wiring, maybe you need to buy a couple of servers (or a couple dozen servers). Maybe you need to install new equipment of one specialization or another in order to service your customers.  Infrastructure can be a big phrase and mean a lot of things, but in general, it talks about work that you’ll be doing to improve the building in which you operate (at least when used as we’re using it here).  Meanwhile, if you’ve done the work to find a product development agency to work with, they’ll have been hard at work as well.

If you’ve gone through the work of selecting the right product development firm to assist you in your own product development, you’ll find that they’ve been working alongside you the whole time.  While you’ve been working on your product, they’re working on the image of the product.  While you’ve been striving to make it more aesthetically pleasing, they’ve been working to make sure that your product has artwork that is aesthetically pleasing to go along with it.  They’ve been working hard to construct your web presence, including social media accounts, where applicable, and hopefully they’ve been able to come up with a marketing strategy and with multiple ad campaigns to launch at the same time as the product hits the market, ensuring that you’re able to leave the door with a sprint and get off to a good start when it comes to sales.

So, you should strongly consider the usefulness to your company of hiring a bit of outside help when it comes to the difficult marketing and advertising work that needs doing.  You’ll be glad you did.

3 Reasons To Hire Product Development Agencies For Your Next Product

When it comes to the process of product development, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.  The big problem, though, is that for the average small business, getting that work done simply isn’t possible.  Creating and designing a new product, on its own, shouldn’t be too great a task for your small business; you should already be technically proficient enough in whatever field or industry you’re involved in to be able to do the actual design work.  However, the problem comes when you get to the development.

You see, development of a product requires a lot of marketing skill and know-how, as well as expertise, and for the most part, small businesses don’t have a dedicated marketing employee, let alone a dedicated marketing staff.  It’s not hard to understand why it is that they don’t have the marketing staff that their competitors have; a single marketing employee is expensive, to get a team of marketing gurus, then, is just out of the price range for your average small business. How, then, are you to get a hold of the marketing muscle that you need in order to bring your product into the market and make money successfully?  Why, you hire one of your local product development agencies, of course.  They’re specialists when it comes to the marketing work that needs to go along with the design work you’re doing.  Here’s just three ways they’re going to help you in the process.

1.  Marketing Strategy

When it comes to selling a product on the market, the first thing you have to do is strategize, and figure out how you’re going to sell it.  Consider this, for a moment; in the United States, we have three hundred and thirty million (330,000,000) people.  Each one of them costs money to access, to reach with your money.

However, how many of those people are actually going to buy what you have to offer to them?  One in three?  One in ten?  One in one hundred?  Every person who you reach with your message who isn’t receptive to it is, essentially, money thrown down the toilet, or lit on fire, but somehow wasted.  You need to look at the sea of people who exist, and narrow down the people you’re going to try to reach to those who are going to look at your advertisements and buy, or at least consider buying, your product.  Don’t advertise your liquor to people who are teetotal.  Don’t advertise your firearms in a magazine that is targeted to peace-loving hippie types.

professional product development companiesKnowing who you’re going to be selling your product to is important, and it highlights how important it is to select the right product development agency.  If you select the right agency, they’re going to be able to look at your product, look at the market you want to access, and determine how to best get your advertisements in front of their eyes to convince them to come out and purchase what you’ve made.

2.  Ad Campaigns

Once you’ve figured out the people who you’re trying to reach, it becomes much more obvious what you have to do in order to reach them.  Trying to reach a faceless mass that you know nothing about seem, and in fact, can be, nearly impossible.  Trying to reach a handful of people?  That’s a much more realistic goal for your business and your budget.

Of course, it’s not enough to just know who you’re advertising to and how to get the advertisement to them.  You need to craft campaigns around appealing to them as a person.  Appeal to their sense of adventure.  Appeal to their love of a good deal.  Everyone requires a different approach, but it’s important to know just what that approach is so that you can get their money in the long run.

3.  Web Presence

Alright, now you’ve sold someone on your product, and they bought it and enjoyed it.  They enjoyed it a lot, in fact; so much so that they told their friends about it.  Their friend, then, went on his cell phone and googled your product, and what does he find?  Without a web presence, he’ll find the amazon page and then a list of reviews and sites selling your product that aren’t you.  Your product’s reputation will be left in the hand of the anonymous denizens of the internet (don’t trust them.  Ever.), and they’re free to say whatever they like with a fair amount of impunity.  You need to have a page that offers up the good things about your product and tells people where they can buy it, and it needs to be well up the list of search results.

So, there are a lot of reasons to hire a product development agency.  Whichever one suits your fancy, just be sure that you hire one, and be sure that they’re the right one.  You’ll be glad you did when it pays off for you in a big way.

Tips that Experience Responsive Web Developers Follow

Website DevelopmentIf you are a business owner and you’re reading this, than it’s obvious you are aware of the importance of having a viable website design in rapidly evolving marketplace we now operate within. When it comes to building your new website, the choices and opportunities are endless. If you have a small company and operation is simple enough that a small, easily updated website will serve your needs, you may be able to set it up all on your own. However, if things are a bit more complicated, you may want to expert web developers. These are the guys with the capability of building an award-winning responsive website, if you choose the right company that is.

1. Straightforward, Easy to Operate Navigation:

When it comes to design of any type, one of the basic tenants is to keep is simple and straightforward. You don’t want to have a cluttered website full of needless buttons, banners, and images. A simple, minimalist design will go a long way in ensuring your website is easy to navigate around. It is one of the keys of having a successful website. When people know what they are doing and where they are going, they get a sense of comfort and ease. You definitely want that coming from your website!

2. Make Sure You Have a Responsive Site:

One of the hardest part about building a website today is making it compatible with all the different devices users are accessing websites on. You want a user on a tablet or smartphone to have the same experience that folks on their desktops and PCs are having. Some of the site building tools available today do offer this functionality, just be sure to test it out if that’s the route you are going. Any design company worth it’s salt will definitely ensure that your website is accessible to every form of media, from gaming consoles to Google Glass.

3. Typography Might Be More Important Than You Think:

Ever been to a website and struggle to read the font? I know that I have, I’ve even ventured across a few websites that I couldn’t read at all. It doesn’t make sense to me to put in all that hard work for an end result that nobody can even read. Beyond readability though, you want to avoid fonts that will make your site seem unprofessional. One font that comes to mind to put firmly on the “avoid” list is Comic Sans. Another thing to consider is how your font fits in with the rest of your website. A good designer will choose a font that accents the overall design.

4. Don’t Get Crazy With Color:

It’s understandable if you want to make your website standout to people landing on front page, but you need to keep color usage in check. A lot of folks building their first website are tempted use lots of bright and vibrant colors, but this is something you should avoid. The color scheme on your website sets the tone, and applying it properly is key. If you’re able to balance a simple color scheme perfectly, it can really give you an edge over the competition. If you aren’t sure what colors do with and how to accent them properly, consult a professional designer. Always remember is should be clear where a user should be going, and they shouldn’t be overwhelmed with color.

5. Security, Security, Security:

This might be one of the most important aspects of your website. Scratch that, this IS the most important aspect of your website. If you don’t have a place that is safe and secure for users, you won’t have an online identity very long. Whether you’re designing the website yourself or with help, make sure that security is a constant concern and focus. A security breach can harm a company’s reputation in ways that are very hard to repair. At the core of any business to client or customer is trust, and you need to make sure to keep it.

If you follow the five guidelines I’ve gone over above, you will already have a great head start on your website design. These are tips that quality responsive web developers all follow and use. When you are designing your own site, keep them in mind and make use of them as much as possible. If you are working with a development company, it helps to know a little bit about the subject matter, as you can ensure they are doing a good job. Hiring the right company is not always easy, so going into initial interviews and meeting with a strong sense of what you are looking for will be beneficial.

8 Essential Elements of Website Design

award-winning responsive web siteEvery business around, from restaurants, dental and doctor offices, and auto garages, is on the web nowadays. If you want your business to stand out, you need to be focusing on creative responsive web sites. No longer is it sufficient to stick a splash page on the web and be complacent with your status. You must be proactive and elevate your website to the next level in order to be competitive in your market. Your competitors aren’t wasting any time or money, so what are you waiting for? If you have no experience with website design you may feel overwhelmed, but you’ve got nothing to worry about. Do some digging online and you’ll quickly find a great many sources on the subject. Even if you’re going to hiring an outside company to handle things, you’ll want to know some information to oversee the process. To get started, here are 8 Essential Elements of Website Design:

1 – Establishing a Brand

One thing that experienced responsive web designers are experts in creating is a brand image for your company. If you’re outsourcing, make sure you go with a company that has a great reputation for building a brand image. It’s no easy task either, a lot goes into the process. Research some online marketing methods and make sure you’ve got a fantastic, and memorable, logo, preferably designed by a professional.

2 – The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Another huge part of your marketing strategy needs to include search engine optimization, known in the industry as SEO. A solid SEO plan, usually including a well written and directly related blog, will help users find you online. By having a higher search engine ranking, you’ll show up early on results lists. This can be key to your success.

3 – Content Can Make or Break You

When it comes to the essential elements of website design, this one is especially essential. Nobody is going to visit a website that is nothing more than a landing page with a picture and phone number. You may have some visitors initially, but they will quickly diminish if there is nothing to do on your website. Make sure you are constantly updating, spending some time each day focusing on content.

4 – Mobile Friendly

By 2015 you must realize how important it is for your website to adaptable. Don’t neglect to consider users of other devices other than desktops and laptops. In addition to smartphones, people are surfing on tablets and even newer technology, like Google Glass. By making this a focus, you show people you are committed to moving into the future right along with them. Having users frustrated by not being able to reach you on their chosen device is a big mistake.

5 – Use the Right Typography and Color Scheme

The overall look and design of your site is another key to your success. Don’t overwhelm with a loud or annoying scheme. This means choosing the right typography and colors. A lot of amateurs can get carried away with their use of colors. They tend to go after too many, and often mismatched colors. Keep things toned down and simple, and things will look much better. When it comes to your choice of font, make sure that it’s legible and appropriate. Try to stay away from gimmicky fonts like Comic Sans. The best designers are able to tie their theme together through typography.

6 – Let a Pro Handle It

You have a couple of options here. One, you could surf the web, and find some cheap or even free stock images to put on your website. It won’t cost you much at all, and it will probably be pretty easy to do. Your second option is to spend a little bit of money and hire a professional photographer. In my opinion, there is only one correct answer here, and that’s option number two. Don’t be just another website, set yourself apart from competitors. Original and high quality images give websites a look that really brings things together.

7 – Simple Navigation/Great User Experience

Another way to keep folks coming back to your site is to make it an enjoyable place to visit. Navigation needs to feel intuitive and natural. Make sure it’s simple and straightforward. I also like to make sure that all of the logos on my website link back to the homepage. This is just something people have become accustomed too. Navigation is one of the basics in web design, and if need help just consult with some talented website designers to figure things out. 

8 – Run Tests on Your Site

Different browsers, all of your linking, displaying of images, function of your buttons. All of these things need be working with 100% efficiency before your website ever launches. Don’t let people see an unfinished product! Test, test again, the retest!

Navigating the World of Website Design

Not just anyone can put together an award-winning responsive website. It takes time, practice, and patience. Why do you think web designers and developers are paid so handsomely? It’s not because their job is easy, I can tell you that. It should be painfully obvious today why it’s so important that your company or business is featured prominently on the web. Without a good image online, you’ll find competitors passing you by daily.

Now that you’re certain it’s time to upgrade your website, what exactly can you do? Well my friend, do not worry, there are a plethora of options out there. Depending on your budget and needs, you’ll be able to find a solution that fits you perfectly. To get you started on your journey, let’s go over a few tips and pointers. These suggestions should give you an idea of the direction you should be heading.

Have a look:

Investigate and Monitor the Competition

You’ve got to find out exactly what you’re up against. Spend some time visiting competitors web pages, make note of things you like or find particularly useful. Take careful notes about their websites, and the messages they are conveying. If you find their websites to be amateurish and clumsy, you know you’ll have an advantage when establish your presence. If you see a great website you know what you’re trying emulate.

Employ a Call to Action

You want users to have something to do when the browse your website. There are quite a few ways you can achieve this. One of the most common call to action buttons nowadays, is a share link for Facebook or Twitter. This can be a *fantastic* function for your website. If you’re writing original content one of the best things that can happen is to have it blow up on social media. A video or article going viral could be huge for your website, and therefore your business. Do your research and get some other ideas for positive calls to action that people tend to use frequently.

When in Doubt, Go with a Pro

A quick search on the web will show you tons of stock imagery that you can fill your website talented website designerswith at a fairly reasonable price. You might think this sounds a great idea, but you really should avoid it. Stock images give your website a cheap feel that you want to stay away from. Spend the money to bring in a professional photographer to take high quality images. Another realm you want to seek help in is graphic design. Your company’s logo is essential to its identity. Don’t try to handle the complicated process of design all on your own, outsource. When you see the finished results you’ll be extremely pleased.

Show Restraint with Color and Typography

You want your design to be simple, clean, and appealing. Don’t get carried away by using fonts and colors that are abrasive. Remember, just because YOU enjoy looking at something doesn’t mean it’s actually a good design. A good web designer knows that simplicity is best. A sharp clean image will present the message that you’re after. Too much clutter confuses and frustrates your customers and clients. If you really want to set yourself apart, tie your typography and color into the theme of your website, present a great overall experience.

Keep Content Constantly Updated and Fresh

If you’re expecting people to visit your website on a consistent basis, you need to give them a reason. Don’t make the mistake so many companies do and create a fantastic looking that sits idly by. You need to have a real, developed plan for content management. If you’re handling the website on your own, make sure dedicate some time each and every day to spend updating and refreshing your content. You may even want to come up with a plan for automated content updating. You can use different types of tickers and streams for this.

Don’t Neglect Mobile

More and more users are using mobile devices and tablets to get online. You don’t want to miss out on customers because for some crazy reason your website doesn’t work on an iPad. Make sure you have a responsive site, one that’s prepared for the future of browsing on the internet. People are using a wider variety of devices every year, and it’s imperative that you play ball. If people can’t get on you website from any type of device, you’ll see a small and stagnant traffic statistic.

Building creative responsive websites is not for the faint of heart. It’s going to take a copious amount of commitment and dedication. But if you’re willing to put in the energy and effort, it will pay dividends.

Maybe You Shouldn’t Maintain Web Development By Yourself

If you are the kind of person that is already equipped with knowledge about HTML coding, CSS coding, Java programs and SEO methods, then yes, you may want to try tackling creating a website by yourself, which will certainly save you money (and this article will help by giving you some tips on design principles and other things you need to consider). But if all this seems like mumbo-jumbo to you, then you should understand that it is vitally important you hire a website design company to help you in the process, since it will otherwise be an arduous, long, tiring, and frustrating process for you by yourself to say the least. It may not be worth it in the long run to do it by yourself, especially when you have to make a good first impression with your website anyway. A web designer will make the process speed by, and in no time, you will get a working website that you will be proud to show off. Read on to familiarize yourself with the process of building and maintaining a website, so that you can discuss all of these elements with your web designer later on when the two of you meet.

1. A simple website is a usable website. There are many ways to get creative with your website without having to throw in unnecessary elements. A web designer will help you decide on different ideas about how to utilize creativity for your site.Simplicity keeps your website looking all elegant, which will make you look more professional in the long run. Avoid the use of cheesy flash animations, moving text or sounds. It’s distracting and annoying to users, and they belong only in Powerpoint presentations.

2. It’s very helpful to put a statement of purpose on the home page of your website. The statement should be clear and concise, and users understand your services right away from reading it. You can certainly adapt your website depending on your services – if you are artistic, there are several ways to design a website that is also very creative, but still simple enough to be easily usable and intuitive for users. Speak to your web designer about this so that you can brainstorm ideas.

3. Pop ups should never exist in your website. To this day, there are still too many websites out there that allow the use of advertisements, banners and pop ups even though they should all know better by now. Users find them annoying, and if you are hoping to increase visibility of your website and keep some customers around, then you should just avoid pop ups altogether. Try to avoid having important information pop up as well, because many people are now installing ad blocks, and if you have your HTML coding set up to have windows open and pop up for the user, it’s only going to frustrate them since they have to turn their ad block off.

4. The simple use of color is meant to give a spark of personality to your website, but it’s really easy to go overboard with it. Think about having a gentle hand for proper application of color. Your web designer will know much more about what to do with color schemes for your website. Abusing colors will take away your credibility because you will end looking more amateurish for new visitors, but if you really want a colorful website, then brainstorm ideas with the web designer – he or she is the expert in the field, after all, and they are trained to incorporate complex and advanced theories of color into your website.

5. Simple fonts are simply better! It should make sense to all of us that we want whatever text we are writing for our website to be readable, but some people think they can get away with using strange fonts. You should stick to simple fonts that keep the shape of the lettering easily. It doesn’t meant that your website will be boring if you pick simple fonts – most people wouldn’t care, honestly, since it’s easy for them to read. It’s when you make it hard for them to read that they start caring about it.

6. You will need responsive websites, and if you don’t know this now, you will regret not having one in the future. Mobile users access websites that are designed with infinite scrolling themes, as it makes it much easier on them to access information with their small screens. You do not want a traditional website haunting a mobile user, because it makes it so hard for them to get information out of it.

Responsive Website Designers Roll With the Punches

Time moves on and things change, so do people and the way they use technology. The internet has opened the door to all kinds of change that the entire world has had to find a way to deal with and those who see its potential have made the best of it. Entire industries have been born from the advent of the internet including web development, which promises to create thousands of jobs over the course of the next two decades. Web developers are graduating from college every semester with jobs waiting for them in a hot industry that provides services that are in high demand. There are a few things that a web designer should know when developing websites in order to make sure that they are doing a good job for their clients.

1. Keep it simple – People get distracted easily so pretty lights and balloons are always going to get in the way of the things that they should be paying attention to. A website is not meant to surprise or impress a prospective customer; it is meant to inform them. The most relevant and important information should never be more than a click away and the homepage should be clean and organized. Every page in fact should be organized, but the homepage sets the stage for what a webpage visitor should be able to expect for every page that it is connected to. The last feeling that a visitor should have about a webpage is overwhelmed.

2. Easy navigation – This is part of keeping it simple but it involves the structural design for the website in terms of how people travel within it while visiting. The homepage should contain a call to action that lets the visitor know that they have arrived at the right place and there should be some easy-to-read road signs that present clear options, like a menu. The cursor should change from an arrow to a pointed hand icon when it hovers over a clickable option, and what can be clicked on and what cannot be should be very clear. Usually four or five menu options are located at the top or sometimes left-hand column of the page that lead to other pages that contain predictable information.

3. Use a wise color scheme – Part of a company’s branding has to do with the colors they choose and this should play a part in the color choices used on the website. Too much of a good thing is very possible with regard to color so when a company logo or its branding includes bright and vibrant colors, moderation is the key. Like stated earlier: People are easily distracted. Colors can detract from the most important information that a webpage is trying to share, so someone who designs responsive websites should tread lightly in this regard. Color schemes that contain earth tones and soft, muted colors are usually a safe bet.

4. Responsive websites matter – Websites these days and forevermore should be designed with smart phones and tablets in mind. These internet devices have become as or more popular than laptops and desktop computers for website viewing because when people do not have to be tethered to a computer to get the information that want, they do it from wherever they happen to be at the moment. More affordable cellular data plans and wi-fi hotspots are making the internet omnipresent in many cities. So, the chances of someone looking up a website from their smart phone or their mobile tablet is greater now than it ever has been before and this trend shows no indication of slowing down.

5. Keep a blog – Blog posts on an informational website can increase its visibility among the search engines. Blog posts that contain relevant industry information and helpful links can be seen by internet search crawlers and increase a specific webpage’s internet rank. The higher that a webpage is on the search results, the greater the chance is that they are going to receive valuable traffic. Internet traffic are like window shoppers that pass directly by a shop and look into the storefront before they decide if they want to go inside. A prospective customer has to see that a business even exists before they know they have the option to click and that is why search rankings are so important.

Responsive website designers are working hard everyday to earn the patronage of businesses in every industry. Their success is based on their knowledge of their own industry and that of the clients with whom they work. Web design will continue to evolve and roll with the punches as the world and technology around it changes and it is forced to adapt.


Web Developers Who Get The Job Done

It is not easy to run a business; there are all kinds of things to concern yourself with and things that you need to know in order to stay in business and do right by your customers. You live during a time when things are changing more quickly now than they ever have before and even if your business is not currently in a state of flux and its processes and methods are pretty constant, the ways that you market yourself effectively are changing. Not every business is the same but the business of marketing business has a lot of commonalities that only those in the know are privy to and capable of properly executing. Finding a capable web design company could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business.

If you do not know that your website is one of the most important pieces to making sure that your business is successful, it is okay but understanding in this very moment that this is something that you need to pay some mind to immediately is of the utmost importance. Many people use the internet like they used to use a phone book which means that often they are just searching for basic information so they can call and ask you questions. With this in mind, websites are designed typically using a very simple approach with general headers Like Contact Us, Location, Services, Products and About Us. When anyone clicks on either of these headers, no matter how internet savvy they may or may not be, they logically know what to expect and you want to make sure that you give them what they are looking for.

Most websites, no matter what business or industry they work in, provide an ‘About’ section where they present information about what it is that they can do for their customers and how. This is a unique opportunity and the last thing that web developers should do here or under any of the other main headers is to over-explain or present too much information. Keeping it simple is always the best policy especially when the subject matter, business or industry is incredibly complex. It is sometimes a good idea to use the ‘About’ section of the website to introduce yourself and your employees with a picture and a brief bio and other times this is the wrong approach. It is all about understanding what your customers and clients want when they visit your webpage and wasting their time with irrelevant personal information could be seen as insulting and can turn them off, which is that last thing you want.

No matter which header your web visitor clicks on, it should logically take them to information that the word of the header indicates. So, it should go without saying that the ‘Products’ and ‘Services’ sections should present information and sometimes images that assist in describing what it is that they are intended to. There are some products where displaying an image does not really help deliver the message that you are trying to get across because it is not really relevant but including images of certain products in your lineup is only logical when the aesthetics or materials they are made out of need to be visually displayed in order for certain details about them to be properly ascertained. A good digital marketing firm will understand when it makes sense to include images of products and in many cases, it does not take an expert digital marketer to understand whether this matters or not because it is usually very obvious depending on the product. The services that your company offers may be more difficult to portray using a picture so a description of your services by using good old-fashioned text is often the most effective.

A companies location only matters really if you need to have your customer or clients visit you and your facility physically. The ‘Location’ section of your business may include a map and a link to an internet mapping website that can help provide direction from your customer’s personal address or sometimes just providing the address of your facility makes the most sense. The ‘Contact Us’ section is used to provide imperative phone numbers and email addresses that your customers can use to either call and speak with you during business hours or send you an email if that is more convenient for them or they visit your website during your non-business hours. Both of these sections should be very simple and to the point.

Website Design: What to Do When You’re Looking to Shine

web designHaving a website for your business is probably the best decision you will make for your business. Everyone is using the Internet now, not the Yellow Pages anymore, and if you want people to know that your business exists, then you will certainly need to build a presence on there. What’s more important though on the subject of having a website is having one that is designed beautifully. This is because since so many people are going to stumble onto your website in the hopes of finding a business that can give them the services they are looking for, your website will be the first impression that they get, and it can certainly be compared to other competitive businesses, too. You want to nail that first impression, as you would when you are conducting your work face to face with customers.

A website design company can be extremely helpful in providing you with the expert advice that you may need in developing a website. I’m telling you, it’s a lot of work and a lot of details to look over. If you already have a website, then you are already aware of the amount of work that goes into. With some professional help, you can develop your website much quicker, and you can even ask for suggestions and ideas that can be built upon your inspiration. They know the tricks of the trade and the general design principles that need to be abided by in order to have a website in good taste.

You may want the help of a web developer for this, but it is very easy to overuse color (it can also be easy to underuse it for fear of using too much). The insight of a professional web developer is extremely valuable in deciding what you want to do about adding color to your website. It’s something that you know is necessary in order to personalize your website, but since it can be so easily abused, you don’t want to overdo it. There are several guidelines about color alone, like not using bright colors or not using colors that contrast too much that take up too much of the webpages – it can look like too much potentially. You want to make the right decision and if you are working with color, then you need to make those decisions carefully.

It’s very important to remember that you need to keep your text legible for users. It’s easy to get carried away when you are decorating your website – it’s understandable. But without legible text, then your efforts in creating a website are for naught – why else make a website when users can’t decipher the information that you are trying to provide for them? As far as color is concerned, use black text on a white background, or white text on a black background. If you want to use color behind text, it absolutely cannot be bright. And it also needs to be strongly contrasting with the black or white text. Also, never put photos behind text, as that distorts the outlines of the lettering in the text, making it very hard to read. Fonts that are too creative also distort the outlines of the lettering, so keep that in mind when you are choosing fonts and pick ones that make it very easy to distinguish different letters.

The next rule of thumb that you will be spending a lot of time thinking about is the layout of your actual website. Your website needs to follow visual hierarchy, which is based on the way we read English. You should have a logo that represents you and your work, and that should be placed on the top left corner of every single web page. This lets visitors know that they are still on the same website when they start to click on links. The logo itself should also be a link to the homepage when the inevitable happens and your visitors get lost. Many people overlook this when it’s such an easy fix to make. You want very obvious and visible links. These links should be placed across the top of the page, or in a column on the left hand side of the page (visual hierarchy after all). Take away any and all clutter – the nicest websites out there have no pop ups, sounds, moving text or flash animations.

Also, you should employ responsive web design. Since so many people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, you need your website to adapt to their devices accordingly. Talk to your web developer about how to make that happen.

Using Website Design to Your Advantage

responsive web designThere are millions of websites out there – many, many of them are forgotten and have no users that will visit them. Others are getting hits from viewers every day. Some users care about the big companies and personalities that are global. Others care more about local artists and profiles. Either way, if you are wanting to get visits from users in your area or in neighboring areas for your business, it’s important to establish (or improve) a website that will represent your business in a professional way. What I’m trying to say is, it’s important to have great website design. There are many aspects to create a good website that will give a lasting first impression upon users. Here are some tips to think about your website.

  1. Think about working with a professional in the field of web design. A web developer will give you advice on how to improve your current website or build a new one. There are so many details that go into building a website – it’s very likely that you will need the help of a web designer.
  2. You want your layout to be easy to navigate. If your website is in any way messy and confusing in its map, you will only frustrate users and drive them away. Users want to just get to the information that they are looking for – they don’t want to spend time trying to get to that. You need good usability, in other words. Make your website inviting and easy to understand. Use links that are intuitive and that make sense to take users to where they want to go. Make those links easy to find.
  3. Speaking of navigation, make it easy to manage as well. Take out any clutter that you have lying around your website. No one wants to deal with pop up ads, banners, random buttons and more. Make sure that all of your links take the user somewhere. Keep your front page especially minimalist – you don’t want the user thinking that there is so much to read and see. It will overwhelm them. Keep all of your subjects and files organized in different pages that you can give the user access to instead of throwing it all at the user at once.
  4. Use simple fonts instead of the creative ones. Your web designer will talk to you about doing creative things with your website, but don’t throw it out on the font. Reading is supposed to be easy – don’t make it difficult on your viewers. It’s frustrating that way. Some fonts can be used that have a little bit more personality, but it’s the cursive ones and the ones with uber embellishments to the lettering that create problems. Also, make sure that the color scheme on the text is readable as well. Don’t put pictures or gifs behind text.
  5. It’s tempting to use colors, and you will certainly need them to make your website more unique, but don’t go overboard. Give color to your links to make them stand out to users, but never abuse color and use ones that clash together or blur text with the background. Using the right colors is the most important step in creating a look that is professional and decent.
  6. It’s very important to take time for yourself to do research and create a plan. Look up your favorite websites in terms of design and take some personal notes from them about how you want your own website to look like. Keep certain details in mind like how they are using their colors and what font they are using their text with. Also, make copious notes on the way their website is laid out, like where their links are located and where these links will take you. It’s also a good idea to work with your developer to make out a plan of action and deadlines for how you want to build your website. This will keep you focused on finishing the project in the long run.

You should also think about adapting to a responsive web design, since users are now accessing websites through many devices, not just the laptop or the desktop. You want your website to be just as maneuverable for the mobile users, too, since there needs to be a different layout entirely for them or else it becomes hard on them to look through your website. You don’t want that, do you? Soon enough, you will have yourself a respectable website.

The Right Orthodontic Ad Agency Is Important

It should be safe to say these days that any company of any kind should have a website whether they have an online commerce aspect of their business or not. If nothing else, it’s good to stake out some internet real estate to make it known to the online and business world that it exists and is open for business. Having an online website is like adopting a 7-11 convenience store philosophy that states that you’re not always doing business, but you’re always open. The internet doesn’t have operating hours because it’s alive, awake and kicking every moment of the day and there are no holidays as far as it’s concerned. That means that 365 days a year (366 if it’s a leap year), 24 hours a day a company or medical facility’s website can be open for those to come in and walk around whether there’s anyone at the counter to help them out or not. That way, they can get all of the info they need, make a shopping list and be prepared when normal business operating hours resume and they can talk to someone about getting the products or services that they already know they need.

I mentioned medical facilities and that may have sounded random but it isn’t. Online marketing applies as much to a physician or orthodontic practice as a floral shop these days and if they’re not working to create a solid online presence, then it’s safe to assume that their competition is and they’re falling behind because of it. For the sake of narrowing down the topics discussed here today, I’m going to talk about orthodontic practices specifically and how orthodontics websites are specifically designed to be not only useful and informational, but also effective. Those who understand the internet marketing world are some very important people to have in any business’ corner. And, if that someone also has specific industry knowledge to bring to the table from a marketing perspective, then that’s a formidable force that can be one of the most important business relationships that an orthodontic practice can form and continue to nurture over the life of their practice.

The advertising and marketing world grew a bit stagnant there for a while but most industries at some point during their timelines have lulls that they experience due to a lack of innovation in their specific fields or ones that touch them in some way. Now that the internet has come along and changed all of our lives, it has also changed the advertising and marketing fields and the ball has begun to roll very quickly again in that industry. There were and still are very specific niches that advertising and marketing firms specialize in and although the internet has become a dominating force in the business world, it is its own advertising ecosystem and many miniature ecosystems or niches exist within them. Orthodontic marketing is one of those little ecosystems that require a delicate understanding in order to make it work and be able to flourish. Sure, there are thousands of web developers and website design companies who can help a practice expand their online presence and bring in more business, but doesn’t a true expert who not only has keen web development knowledge but also a precise understanding of the industry sound like a better bet?

An orthodontic ad agency doesn’t just only help clients within that specific industry, they help in other medical fields as well and know the locations of popular online gathering places where people looking for these services are meeting. An orthodontist has enough to worry about as it pertains to them running their practices on a day-to-day basis, so not having to worry about whether their online marketer understands their business well enough to properly position it online could be a serious weight off their shoulders. Not to mention, it can save a whole lot of time while also bringing in business in the most efficient way that exists in today’s advertising and marketing world. The days of print ads in newspapers and magazines are becoming less effective and antiquated by the day and any modern orthodontist practicing the newest methods and techniques in their fields, should also be doing the same when it comes to marketing themselves. This is a new world that we live in today because of the internet and it should be taken advantage to the fullest extent in any way that can make our lives better and more enjoyable. Technology and innovation are at the heart of any burgeoning industry and employing someone who is at the cusp of those innovations is the best way to ensure long-term success for an orthodontic practice.

Web Developers Help The Internet City Define Itself

The race to make your words and actions meaningful has begun and there are only so many ways that you can effectively expect to get your message out there and make sure that it doesn’t completely fall upon deaf ears. You may run a company that you just started or one that is clearly established, or you could just be someone who’s got something to say and believe strongly that your voice should be heard. Whatever the case may be, it’s a significant realization to have that the times that we live in are interesting and full of opportunities to be heard, because the internet acts like a megaphone and if you stand on a soap box at the right intersections spouting off your message, you’re capable of captivating many ears. The internet is a hustling and bustling city of companies, causes, entertainment and information of all kinds that are constantly being shuffled around and organized in one way or another. Understanding this city that is constantly changing can be difficult without getting out everyday and walking its streets and mapping it’s coordinates. And, even if you’re a frequent and avid traveler of these streets, you may find yourself at a dead-end today that you remember being a wide avenue yesterday. It’s okay, it’s important to become more familiar with change as time goes on because in this city, Darwinism is king and only those who can adapt quickly are going to make it. Those who are easily flustered by the curve balls that this city’s constantly changing skyline and streets throw at them, are going to get frustrated and not know what to do.

When you visit a huge city for the first time and you want to do some site-seeing, what do you do first? Do you go to the travel agency and buy a map or two and pick up a couple of pamphlets? Do you do some research and look into doing a bus tour? Or, do you whip out your trusty phone, turn on your GPS and do it all yourself? Our smart phones have become some very important devices in our daily lives that help us make sense of and connect to the world. They are communication devices in more than one way and having the internet on them is a part of the access that we have, so we are able to remain in constant communication with the world. Responsive web development is responsible for making all of that information viewable from our phones in a way that is easy to read and doesn’t make us feel like we’re deciphering code. It’s the realization of these web design companies that people try to navigate the internet streets, literally and figuratively, using their smart phones as much or more than any other internet device. Even the competing GPS device makers are second-guessing their business model and strategy based on cell phones ability to perform the same functions as well as they’re able to. Web development is a field that is expanding and in high demand for job creation as well, because it’s become clear how important it is and how much help is needed to make this internet city one that people can feel safe, secure and be able to find their way around in.

The internet streets can be tough and if you’re familiar with any literal cities that are known to have some tough streets themselves, you have a metaphorical frame of reference. Living in one of these cities will teach you a thing or two about yourself and the city as you begin to know where to go and where not to based on your experiences and the emotions that you feel when taking certain chances by venturing into the unknown. The internet frontier is a vast wilderness that we’re barely beginning to carve our existence out into and as it spreads out in every direction as we move into areas that require our expertise, know-how and courage to be bold and go where no man has gone before. The virtual world is one though, where we can go and do things, make mistakes and then be able to correct them when we find out the results of those mistakes. It’s the job of the web developers to do those things and learn from those mistakes though, so when they’re called upon to help your company or cause out by finding you a soap box and city intersection to speak your peace from, they can do so with some confidence that they know what they’re doing.

Choose The Right Web Development Company

It’s really not that difficult to see the road ahead of you when you pull the blindfold off. I’m not expecting you to have an epiphany, so you may just have to exchange the blindfold for a pair of blinders like a Clydesdale wears for the time being. Those will work just fine though, because at least your eyes will be open and focused straight ahead. There are far too many distractions along the way, so sometimes it’s best that we keep our eyes on the prize and nothing else, until we get more comfortable with our surroundings and where we’re going. So, you probably wonder by this point where I’m going with all of this. That’s okay, I would be too, sometimes like in business, we take a circuitous, non-direct route to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that can’t happen until we finally figure out what we need to do to get there. So, finally this all leads me to where you were probably wondering where I was going to take you, and where I’m trying to take you is to a place where we can discuss the benefits of web development.

I mentioned business earlier and the sometimes, round-about ways that people go about finding success. This occurs typically when they try one thing, it fails or is not successful and then they try another thing, and it fails or is unsuccessful. It’s not a fun idea but sometimes, we have to start off down an unknown road before we see that it’s not taking us where we want it to, then we have to break off and try another path, or walk back to the beginning and reconvene before deciding on the next one. These things happen, no one likes the idea of spinning their wheels, so to speak, however the ‘try and fail’ approach is a tried and true method to one day, becoming successful. As long as you never give up and you’re open to change, then your persistence and flexibility will pay off. Even when you decide that you need to spend some money and take a chance on a new idea that you think will increase your business, like web development, you may not get it right immediately. It would be nice to feel really confident that your money will be well spent though, so I’m going to give you a few valuable pieces of info that will help you make the right decision.

Website design goes far beyond just having a website built for your business. That website serves as the face of your business, often before anyone even sees your face or hears your voice. Just about everyone on the planet who has access to the internet, which currently is over a billion, uses it to perform searches on anything that they’re interested in or looking to buy. They could be just looking for information to educate themselves, or looking for products or services that they require for this reason or that. So, when they begin their search, they think of the most logical keywords to type into a search engine to find the results that they’re looking for. Once those results come up, your page may be there for them to click on, but the game starts way before that moment.

Search engine optimization is part of web development and it involves taking those keywords and using other techniques to increase your search engine rankings. Showing up on the first page is nice, but showing up first, on the first page is better, because this increases your website’s traffic and thus, increases your likelihood of making a connection with a potential customer. There are many things involved with this part of the web development business, but it is incredibly important and assuming that the company you choose builds you an effective website and keeps it updated frequently, you may already be halfway there.

Another thing is that website development isn’t the same as responsive website development. The ‘responsive’ part comes into play when the company that designs your website takes into consideration that it may be viewed on tablets and smartphones. The smaller the viewing screen, the more important that a spread out and simple layout is. The website needs to be designed to be responsive by reformatting when it’s being viewed on smaller screens that are also capable of lateral and landscape viewing. So, understand that when you choose a website design company to help you make your business more successful, they’ll need to be acutely aware of the things that I just discussed in order to truly help you go where you need to go.

Here Are A Couple Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Can Improve Your Life By Increasing Your Business

The world has officially changed forever, and it will never be the same again. Even if some catastrophic event were to occur and only a few of us survived, we know things now that would help us build again in ways that we never could have if that event were to occur. Benjamin Franklin said, “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in sunlight.” We sometimes get caught up thinking and worrying about things that are completely out of our control. But, a lot of us would be described as ‘control freaks’ and sometimes, it’s an A-type personality thing. Other times though, it’s completely neurotic and we need to find a way to get past it.

We are our biggest obstacle when it comes to our business, we too often get in the way of ourselves by being our own worst enemy. Has anyone ever told you that before? Well, I’ve heard it many times and I’m barely starting to understand how true it is. We’re all a lot alike though, maybe if we focused on our similarities instead of our differences so much, then we’d all be able to get past a lot of things that we desperately need to in order to make our lives everything that we’ve always wanted them to be. In business, it’s hard to concentrate on the personal issues that we need to conquer, but we can make decisions there that will help get the ball rolling on the other changes that we need to make within our personal lives. Let’s start by making things less complex, so we can lessen the stress that we feel in our lives. If you’re not taking advantage of responsive web design already, then I’ve got the perfect thing for you to take into consideration, so you can get your business to a better place, so you can get your mind and heart to a better place as well. Here are some things that I want you to know:

1. You need to have a responsive website design team on your side if you’re trying to free up some time for yourself at work, increase your business, or just sustain it while you concentrate on the aspects of it that require more of your personal attention. Not everyone thinks exactly like you do, and you believe that you understand the nuances of your business in ways that no one else can. So, not having to worry about the business-generating portion of the company, could allow you to focus on some other things in your personal or professional life, and it all starts with having an effective website. You may already have a website but if it was designed by someone or a web design company that was or isn’t proficient at search engine optimization, then it’s time to revisit that. It’s the foundation of your business, from an exposure and informational standpoint.

2. Your business has substance, if it didn’t then you wouldn’t still be alive and kicking, vying for a larger slice of the pie. That’s a great thing, if you’ve got all your ducks in a row other than your internet marketing and exposure game, then you’re primed for success already. Not only is your website important though, all of the ancillary aspects surrounding it need to work harmoniously with it, in order to gain some real momentum. One of those aspects is called, search engine optimization or SEO, as people commonly refer to it. SEO is the art of driving traffic to your website. Not just any traffic either. I’m talking about the kind of people who are genuinely seeking out the products and/or services that your company provides. People don’t just meander around the internet looking at websites that they don’t have any interest in, they type very specific keywords into search engines, like Google, to find exactly what they’re looking for. You don’t want them to have to dig too much though, that’s why a responsive website design company is so important. They know how to increase your rank to get you closer to the top of the search results page, so your potential customers don’t have to do as much digging.

Well, I planned on giving you a whole lot more reasons why web design and search engine optimization can be a serious benefit to you and your company. Hopefully I’ve at least scratched the surface to get you thinking about it a little more. Maybe, I was able to inspire you to a certain degree, so you realize that you can get much more out of your life and business than you ever thought you could. So, it’s time to ask yourself: Are you ready to stop being your own worst enemy?


Don’t Let Bad Web Development Scare Your Visitors Off

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Even if you’re an elitist hipster who hates the idea of anything, deep down inside, you want to be a successful hipster in the art of hating, you just may not want to admit it. We all identify with different things in our lives, and some of us identify with the things that we hate, as opposed to the things that we like. Most of the ways that people find to identify with are superficial, and they don’t have any real substance. When you take these things away, the person who held onto them so dearly beforehand, doesn’t know who they are all of a sudden, they’ve lost their identity. Well, this can happen with your business as well as the tides change in the business world and leave you with nothing. That would be real shame if you identified with something noble, like being a provider, a husband and a father. So, stop identifying your customers through old and antiquated ways, you live in the internet age now and without a modifying your approach to a certain degree, you could end up hurting sooner than later. You know that you want to be successful, you identify with the right things and so does your business, that’s why you and your business have substance, so it would be a sad to see you go the way of the dinosaur. You’re the kind of person who deserves to be successful, but we all know that life isn’t fair and you’ve got to seize opportunities when they present themselves. It may not seem like it now, but if you’ve never heard of website development, then reading this may be one of those opportunities that you need to recognize, then seize. Like the time you met your wife, think about that time.

Web development is a broad term, it can mean all sorts of things but to those in the business, it means internet expertise. That expertise encompasses all kinds of aspects of the internet world and it begins with your website. What’s that you say? You already have a website? Okay, well if it hasn’t been built within the last couple years, I imagine that it could use a touch-up, a renovation, or it plain and simple, needs to be taken down and built back up. Your website is not just a website, it’s the face of your business, and more specifically, it’s your smile. That’s right, think about this: You have five seconds to give someone a first impression, whether it’s in person or it’s on the internet with someone who pulls up your website. During that five seconds, are you going to smile and be polite? Or are you going to shrug off the potentially serious implications of that introduction, thinking that it’s not that big of a deal. You didn’t do that when you met your wife did you?

Well, I think that you ought to think about that internet introduction like you did when you met your wife for the first time; you put on a nice shirt, you combed your hair, you smiled, you put your best foot forward and you tried to impress her. At least, that’s the way it went for me. Maybe your story was a little different, but I imagine that you at least cared about what this person thought of you and you acted accordingly. So, when it comes to website design, you want to create the same kind of experience for your customer as you would try to for someone who you were meeting for the first time and could possibly mean a lot to you in the future. Just like you, you want your website to be clean, look organized and be easy to read, no one wants a complicated, over-analytical mess on their hands.

That means that your website needs to have information that is easy to read, easy to find and isn’t too complex. Just give them what they need to start feeling comfortable and as they delve into the secondary parts of your site a little further down the page, you can start to show them who you really are and what you’re capable of. If you throw everything in their face and your website feels like it’s yelling at them, they’re going to hit the back button on their browser and go check out the competition. That’s the way that it would work in real life, if you were to act like that on a first date, so do yourself a favor, and ease her into who you are, so she can see that you have genuine substance. Your website is like a first date, don’t scare your visitors off before you even have a chance to show them who you are.

8 Easy Tips for Better Website Design

The world is moving more online every day.  With a vast majority of consumers taking their business online, it is critical for any business to design and maintain a professional website.  In the past, you might have been able to get by with a single page that shows customers where they can find you.  Today, with the wide array of e-commerce solutions available for nearly every product or service available, your website design must offer an excellent user experience while setting you apart from your competitors within your industry.

professional website design1. Your website is your most powerful marketing tool.  As with every other industry, marketing has moved into the modern era.  No longer will businesses be able to survive on phone books, newsprint, commercials and billboards to carry their message.  Unless you take your business online, you will find growth to be an increasingly futile struggle.  By implementing a fantastic website design to represent your business you significantly increase your chances of long-term success in today’s consumer climate.

2. Great Websites Improve Businesses. The data is clear, and the anecdotal evidence is easy to find.  Everyone knows a business owner who has improved their business by effectively utilizing quality website development in combination with effective online marketing strategies.  Results speak for themselves: should you put time and effort into designing a great website, your business will have a better opportunity to succeed in a competitive consumer economy.

3. Flash is dead.  No longer the effective tool it once was, flash animations are now the bane of a friendy user experience.  They do not load quickly, and have been known to fail on a regular basis.  Utilizing modern design applications and avoiding archaic flash animations and excessive loading times will improve the quality of your website.  Flash is not a search friendly platform for websites, either.  If you are interested in driving organic search traffic with quality rankings, avoiding flash is the safe decision.

4. Use a Responsive Web Design.  As devices continue to evolve, it is more important than ever that your website developer know to design a website that is adaptable to all the new technology that becomes available.  A responsive website is prepared to do exactly that: it will adapt and adjust itself to properly display on a variety of devices.  If you aim to run a business with a website that offers an excellent experience to visitors, it is in your best interest to employ a website design that is responsive to all devices, from desktop to tablet to mobile, even to Google Glass.

5. Secure your website. Your business data and its customer data are vital aspects of your business that should be password protected, encrypted and backed up in a safe location that allows you to restore your website should there be a catastrophe.

6. Do not overcomplicate things.  A website design must be easy to understand and simple for visitors to navigate.  Make sure your logo is clearly visible, your contact information is easy to find, and your message is clear.  Keep your actual website design simple by avoiding complicated animations and hard-to-read fonts.  Avoid abrasive color schemes and obnoxious pictures.  Your website is your first impression, and to cloud the message with messy design will cost you site traffic, search visiblity and conversions.

7. Create a great user experience.  Make your website engaging to visitors.  That does not mean you should create a complicated system that makes your site’s visitors solve a puzzle. Offer content that attracts people to your business or product.  Develop a responsive website that can be easily viewed on any device. Make sure your strengths are displayed prominently, and a call-to-action is readily visible to users from the moment they arrive on your site. Encourage them to navigate your site’s deep pages and learn about your business by offering them engaging information from the outset.

8. Be an Industry Expert. It sounds more complicated than it actually is: you are already an expert on your business, right? All you have to do is leverage that expertise in the form of fresh content for your website.  Employ your existing expertise in your favor by writing regular blog posts, and creating pages that describe your service with detail.  By applying your knowledge to your website design in the form of content, you increase your search visibility and opportunity to attract new customers.

Designing a great website is a vital component to effectively promoting your business online.  By following these tips, you will increase your website’s opportunity to rank well in organic search engine results, enhance your online visibility and improve your conversion rate.  If your business is in need of a website and you do not know where to go, finding a reliable website design agency can be a good way to save yourself a lot of trouble.  Should you be too busy running your business to design and develop your website, using a web design agency is probably a wise decision.